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Chock Full o’ Nutz

At the gym this morning I started week 3 of the Oxygen program I started, oh, 6 weeks ago. hehe Apparently I am not one for adhering to time lines. LOL Anyway, I also finally downloaded iFitness to track my workouts as the boy has been using for a while now.  I’m not sure if I like it or not – I think writing it in my journal was faster, but I can download the logs from this program.  I love data.

Circuit 3 – 3 sets target 12-15 reps:

  • Dumbbell Flye @ 15lbs
  • One arm row @15-20lbs
  • Swiss ball leg curl
  • Front raise @ 10lbs
  • Zottman curl @ 10 lbs
  • Bench dip

I plan on rearranging these workouts so I utilize the same type of bench (incline/flat) on the same workout – I hate taking up two benches hehe.

I am looking into doing some weekly menu planning and I am finding it to be a daunting task.  As you’ve seen my idea of meal planning is making a big batch of something and eating it the whole week, which is boring for me and you.  Do you plan your weekly meals? Any tips?

Pre-workout (98 cal): I was starving when I woke up and had to eat something before heading to the gym.  My half pita enclosed some orange marmalade and peanuts. I had a similar one, except with sunflower seeds, right before bed last night because I was starving then too!


Breakfast (330 cal): Egg white/pepper scramble stuffed in a pita with cream cheese and cucumber on the side.  I was still hungry so I munched an apple with PB.



Snack (335 cal): This was a great bowl of oats – I can’t wait to make a bigger bowl or perhaps make it into pancakes. hehe  Oats, flax, 2 orange essence prunes chopped, almonds, dash salt, 2 packets splenda. On the side I had two egg whites and some fruit.


Lunch (417 cal): Huge veggie salad and a Boca burger as I had to try out my new Peppridge Farms Deli Thins (Soft Oatmeal).  The deli thins are pretty good, but not much different from Arnold’s.  Also, I had 2 orange essence prunes before heading out the door.


Snack (191 cal): Brown bag popcorn and cheese.  I also had an un-pictured mock mocha later.


Dinner (486 cal): Some awesome Wegmans’ Spicy Red Lentil Chili over brown rice, green beans and black forest ‘fu pudding with almonds.



Calories in: 1858/~2300


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Disappearing act

Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday.  I was in a lazy, unmotivated mood.  Instead of going on a long run yesterday morning the boy and I slept in as he wasn’t feeling well.  Once I finally got up I had a headache for most of the day.  My eats yesterday involved nearly a full box of Total Cereal :oops:. I’m not happy about it.  I think yesterday was the closest I came to binging in a long, long time.  I’m trying to sort out the cause, but I think numerous factors encouraged this type of eating: I was lazy and didn’t want to make anything; there was no bread; disappointment over recent weigh-ins; lack of exercise; not feeling great and the list goes on and on.  The good/bad news is that as of 12:30 yesterday is no more Total in the house.



We watched The Reader yesterday and we both enjoyed it very much.  I had started reading the book but only made it 1/3 the way through.  I’m going to try to finish it though because I’m sure it is much more detailed than the movie.

We made a trip to Costco and picked up lots of goodies, came home, ate dinner and then headed out on a long walk.  I think we took a little over a 2 hour walk.  By the end of the night I had repaired any damage from earlier – calories in/calories out: 2144/2360

This morning we went out for our 5 mile run that was scheduled yesterday.  I have been starting out slower and slower on these runs, like it takes my joints a good 10 minutes to really warm up.  I’m not sure how long it took us, but it was a nice workout.

Breakfast (495 cal): YUMMY pancakes. 1/2 C oats, 1/2 C egg whites, 1 T flax meal, 1 mashed banana, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger), packet splenda, 1/4 t baking powder.  I have found it best to let the the mixture soak for about 5 minutes before cooking.  I topped my pancakes with walnuts and SF syrup.


Snack (209 cal): 1/2 a pita, cabot cheese and orange essence prunes.


Lunch (454 cal): A little container of veggies from the deli (minus the carrots). American Vegetable Bounty soup with added chickpeas, 1/2 a pita with PB & orange marmalade, smoothie with berries and protein.



Snack (193 cal): Kashi almond honey flax bar and a piece of cabot cheese.


Dinner (459 cal): Quorn cutlet with green beans and a baked potato topped with roasted broccoli, cheese and bac’UN bits. Juicy nectarine for dessert.



Calories in/Calories out: 1808/~2500

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Creeping Up

IMG_1355Up another .6 lbs.  Not sure what’s going on – I had nearly a 500 calorie deficit daily.  Bodies just don’t behave sometimes.  Anyhow, our meeting today discussed the “recipe for success”.  I’m pretty sure I have all the ingredients and I think I have some ideas about what to do this next week. (Not today of course….. you will see why later hehehe)  I think I have been eating too many processed foods and too many meals out.  We’ll be hitting the grocery store tomorrow to stock up and then I’ll be trying to make a few meals to carry me through the week.

After the meeting I went to my second Pilates class.  Love it.  It is exactly what I have been missing. 🙂

Breakfast (354 cal): I like that I get to eat before the meeting since I only have to weigh-in once a month. hehe This morning I had a quick bowl of puffed corn topped with some protein, nectarine and almonds.


Snack (256 cal): Once I got home from pilates I made some brown bag popcorn, half a banana w/ PB and orange marmalade.


Lunch (474 cal): The boy has been craving Fuddruckers for weeks and really wanted to go, so I was a good sport.  I got a veggie burger (ditched the bun for lettuce), part of a baked potato, a few of the boy’s sweet potato fries and lots of fixins’.  Afterwards we hit up McD’s for an ice cream cone.

IMG_1373 IMG_1380

Dinner (436 cal): We finally went to try out this new sushi restaurant that opened a few months ago down in Historic Herndon.  It is appropriately named Sake Club.  They actually have over 150 kinds of Sake of which we tried none.  A few sounded really good, but they were only available by the bottle.

The boy and I split everything so we could have a good sampling.  We started off with a Seaweed and Cucumber Salad – this was the best dish…


Edamame – over cooked :-/


Vegetarian Sushi


Dessert (~1000 cal): 😯 Peanut butter cup frozen custard in a cookie dipped waffle cone. YUM but I don’t understand why I ordered a medium instead of the small at the last moment. *bonk* Luckily, we don’t use our car on Saturday so we got a lot of walking and biking in today to semi counteract this beast.


Calories in/Calories out: 2520/~2300

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Major TGIF

OMG I so didn’t want to get up this morning and go for a run.  I tried and tried to talk myself out of the run… I swear I spent about 10 minutes with my little angel and little devil having a great old debate on my shoulders.  The angel won – or perhaps the devil did because it was miserable outside! I want to say it was 75 with 80% humidity.  YUCK! We got through our 30 minute run, picked up a drink and then walked the rest of the way home.

I researched a new baking substitution today.  You will have to wait to hear about it until I try it out though!

Breakfast (396 cal): Blueberry pancakes this morning. These might have been better if the frankenberries were even remotely sweet or flavorable.  I mean the pancakes weren’t bad – they are pancakes after all – just not as good as they could have been.  They did not live up to their true pancake potential.  I topped one with PB and SF orange marmalade and the rest with SF syrup.


Snack (358 cal): Low and behold I f0und me a oikos at the back of my fridge! YIPPIE! I then paired it with tasteless frankenberries, Kashi GoLean and almonds.  The best part is that was the last of the berries.


Lunch (551 cal): At work (so I could go home 3 hours early instead of 2) I made a boca w/ cabot on a sandwich thin, brussel sprouts, edamame and an apple.


I was still hungry a little later and went down to the deli to grab some veggies.  The salad bar had not been replenished so I grabbed a bowl of soup instead.  This was listed as Chunky Vegetable Orzo, but was really the American Vegetable Bounty I had on Tuesday, the Potato Kale I had on Wednesday and some Orzo (which may have been in a soup served on Monday, who knows).  While those two soups are lovely as individuals they really should just stay friends next time.


Snack (179 cal): Egg white scramble with peppers and half a sandwich thin schmeared with PB and orange marmalade.


Dinner (358 cal): I have no shame – dinner was me being completely lazy.  Grilled boca/cheese on  a sandwich thin, green beans with Bac’UNs, and a grilled nectarine.  The nectarine was fab, I’ve never had one grilled before.


Calories in/Calories out: 1841/~2400

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Orange Tempeh

Dessert (77 cal): After I posted last night I had one of the “cookies” I had baked a little earlier and one prune.  The cookies are based off of an Banana Oatmeal Chip Cookie recipe I found on Carrots ‘N’ Cake. I used 2 banana omitting the agave, an egg instead of oil and half a 70% dark chocolate bar (from my failed experiment Sunday)  instead of chocolate chips. I was striving for a sugar free fat (butter/oil) free product.  I used my brand new Oxo Small Cookie Scoop to portion out the cookies (I used 2 scoops for each cookie) and ended up with 16 cookies at 57 calories each.  This portioner made this whole process so easy!! The cookies turned out good, but they are more like muffin tops than cookies.  Perhaps my substitutions were not so cleaver.  I have been thinking about doubling Gina’s breakfast cookie recipe, letting it set up overnight as usual and then baking it into individual cookies. Could be good…


Breakfast (445 cal): Since I only used 2 of the 3 RIPE bananas last night I had some more chocolate PB banana oats this morning. So good.  Since it was a lifting day I also had a Muscle Milk Lite 100 calorie drink.  Pretty yummy and 15 grams of protein.


IMG_1257Snack (284 cal): I picked up some blueberries at the store yesterday because they were 4 pints for 5$.  I only got two, but can you believe the size of these berries?

I cooked them in some oatbran and then mixed a little berry flavored protein in at the end. Blech. When will I learn to leave the protein to the drinks?!


Lunch (466 cal): The deli lured me in again with their promise of yummy vegetarian soups! Today I got the fixings for a greek salad and a bowl of lentil soup.  At home I added some FF feta and dressing to the salad and on the side I had pb & SF orange marmalade (thanks for the idea Priyanka!) on a sandwich thin.  Must say that the soup and sandwich didn’t disappoint… the salad? Meh.



Snack (207 cal): Apple, string cheese and one of the above mentioned cookies muffins and a mock mocha. I don’t think I cooked the muffins long enough. :-/


Dinner (719 cal): Before work this morning I steamed some tempeh that I’ve probably had for a couple months and was set to expire tomorrow (yay procrastination) and started it marinading in an orange sauce (SF orange marmalade, cooking sherry, low sodium soy sauce, rice vinegar, veggie broth).  When I got home I cubed the tempeh and baked it.  I steamed some broccoli and red pepper and then quickly sauteed the tempeh, broccoli, red pepper, scallion together.  Next I added the leftover marinade + cornstarch to make a sauce.  I served it over some pre-made sprouted brown rice I found in the pantry. I had a bowl of kamut/blueberries for dessert.



Calories in/Calories out: 2121/~2200

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Out of Sorts

I feel a little off today and right now I’m blaming it on an ongoing sleep deficit. For example, the boy was looking forward to our run day today, me, not so much.  Its not that I was dreading it, but I think I would have rather just stayed in bed. 😀 Anyhow, we started our run out REALLY slow, as usual, since it takes my legs about 1/2 mile to get going.  During the first half of the run my right knee (damn you right leg!) started hurting.  After it started hurting I really picked up the pace and the boy asked me why I was pushing so hard if my knee was hurting.  The strange thing is, once I really sped up it stopped hurting.  I know I did that before on a previous run with a similar pain and it worked then too.  I have to wonder if it just gets more fluids pumping into the area. *shrug* Bodies are a weird thing.

Breakfast (409 cal): I haven’t had these in the longest time – chocolate peanut butter banana oats.  So yummy.  I also had a piece of string cheese for a little protein.


Snack (238 cal): An apple with a Chocolate Pretzel Kashi Bar.  This bar was good, but like the boy, I would have liked it better if the pretzels were salty.


Lunch (612 cal): I picked up lunch from the deli today.  A huge salad and a bowl of Kale and Potato soup.  I must try to recreate this soup.  The potatoes were so creamy and the broth was seasoned so well – I just can’t place what seasonings were used.



Snack (120 cal): Apple + cinnamon and un-pictured a mock mocha and a orange essence prune.


Dinner (402 cal): In order to at least make an effort to use up the marinara sauce I opened last night I decided to made a “Parmesan sandwich” of sorts tonight.  My sammie was a boca patty, FF mozzarella, and marinara on a garlic toasted english muffin.  It was awesome. On the side I had some broiled asparagus and for dessert I had some chocolate protein ‘fu pudding.  Think I’ll leave the extra protein out next time.



Calories in/Calories out: 1780/~2300

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Lots of risotto

I stayed up way too late (11pm) watching John & Kate Plus 8 last night.  Then, the boy and I keviched about it.  I mean, I would feel better about it if I felt that they had tried counseling (assuming they didn’t).  I just can’t see how you can dissolve a marriage – especially with 8 kids in the mix – without trying EVERYTHING to save it. *sigh*

Anyway, I still managed to get up at 5 this morning to make it out the door by 5:15 to go to the gym :D.  I did 20 minutes on the elliptical to get the blood pumping and then did a fast circuit three times (12-15 reps):

  • DB chest press @ 20 lbs
  • DB incline row @ 20 lbs
  • Plie squat @ 35 lbs
  • Lateral shoulder raise @ 10 lbs
  • Triceps kickback @ 10 lbs

I finished up with 10 more minutes on the elliptical and then rolled out my leg.  In and out in 1 hour – not too shabby.

Breakfast (354 cal): Pancakes – day 3. 😳 Today’s pancakes included: 1/2 c oats, 1/2 c egg white, 3/4 small banana smooshed, 1/4 t baking powder, cinnamon, 1/4 t vanilla.  On top I had SF syrup and walnuts.  This was my best batch yet, even though I forgot my ground flax and a little too much vanilla. Still YUM!


Snack (265 cal): Oikos + cinnamon, cherries, Kashi GoLean and almonds.


Lunch (342 cal): They made American Bounty Vegetable Soup downstairs today so I had to grab some. It is chocked full of all different sorts of veggies and is just so yummy.  I added some MorningStar crumbles for protein and served it with some asparagus topped with barley risotto.



Snack (294 cal): I had two unpictured mock mocha (made with butter toffee coffee) this afternoon for much needed caffeine.

This morning I found a champaign mango in my car.  It had fell behind a box in my front seat on my way home on Friday and spent the weekend+ in my hot car.  I am so happy I found it today… and not in a few days.  It all worked out because this is the ripest mango I’ve had in recent memory.  🙂  I paired it with an Atkins Peanut Caramel Cluster bar.  Now, before you gasp in horror…. I was actually quite suprised with the relatively (for a bar) short list of recognizable ingredients in this bar.  Not that it’s health food mind you, but I think I feel better picking up one of these than say a FiberOne bar. Plus it is like chocolate free Baby Ruth – yum!



Dinner (587 cal): Tonight I turned my risotto into risotto cakes risotto marinara! Cleaver?  Not so much. haha  As suggested, these started out as cakes, but they ended up crumbling during frying, so I went with it, added some marinara and sprinkled it with FF mozzarella.  My bowl contained: 1.5 servings leftover risotto, asparagus, chickpeas and an egg/bread crumb mixture that was “fried” in 2 teaspoons of oil then covered with 1/2 cup marinara sauce and a sprinkle of cheese.  For dessert I had a plum and some TJ’s fiberful ends and pieces.



Calories in/Calories out: 1841/~2200

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