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Lost but not found

I lost my wedding ring this morning. 😦 We searched and searched the paths we walked, but nope. 

Breakfast (365 cal): I made a little wrap to take with me to the WW meeting.  The boy wasn’t going to weigh-in today, because he was working until 3am, I was starving and we saw the doggie expo was going on up at the community center.  So anyway, we walked a little way, but decided to come back home instead.  My wrap was egg whites with spinach and cabot, I paired it with watermelon. And because I needed some healthy fats I had a peanut butter stuffed date. 😀

Lunch (312 cal): After we got back from the doggie expo I had an early lunch, which was quick and easy – two veggie dogs on bread, watermelon and carrots. It was about this time that I noticed my wedding ring was missing.  So, after lunch we went and retraced our steps, but didn’t find anything. 

Dinner (389 cal): My dinner was also quick and easy – egg white scramble with broccoli, onions and FF cheddar. On the side I had two pieces of toast and an apple with peanut butter.

Off to Cookology….. will update on that and my 10k tomorrow.


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