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I ended up burning a lot more calories than expected yesterday because the boy and I attempted to walk down to GNC and pick up some Designer Whey. I say attempted because they were actually closed before we got there. This was great luck for the puppets because we stopped by the pet store and picked them up multiple treats so they would forgive us for being out all night. I am not above bribery.

This morning The boy and I ran most of the 10k route doing a 4/1 run/walk. Aside from some leg fatigue while going up a few hills the run felt so good to us both. It didn’t hurt that it was 60 degrees and bright out. We stopped by 7-11 to get some drinks afterwards and I picked up a crystal light mango Slurpee. Such a great way to end the run!

Breakfast (456 cal): I made the both the boy and I a scramble with egg white, broccoli, and sprinkle of FF cheddar. I paired mine with a bowl of cereal that included Kashi GoLean, puffed kamut, a sliced banana, sunflower seeds, and soy milk.

Mid-morning Snack (194 cal): I grabbed a couple apples when I got down to the conference this morning. Lots of delays on the metro so I got in about 5-10 minutes after the first breakout session started. Anyway, I had one of the apples with a Texas BBQ Primal Strip. The apple was very juicy, yet tasteless – I ate about half. Therefore I also had a little sample pack of cheese crackers that I received with my FiberGourmet pasta. This is a new product by FiberGourmet – one I wouldn’t buy. Salty yet bland.

Lunch (650 cal): Once I got back to N Va the boy picked me up and then we stopped by whole foods were I picked up a salad. My mix included greens, broccoli, celery, peppers, carrots, cabbage, a couple pieces of balsamic roasted tofu and a bit of curried wheat berry salad. Then we went to noodles and co. for my entrée. As usual I got the Bangkok Curry with tofu. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask for the wheat noodles. It is defiantly better with the wheat noodles.

Mid-afternoon (162 cal): I picked up this wonderful watermelon at whole foods and also had a Hickory Smoked Primal Strip.

Dinner (270 cal): So the plan was to have dinner at the Daily Grill with some family from out of town – then we found out we wouldn’t be eating until 8 pm 😯 well that wasn’t going to work so we stopped by the store and grabbed something to make for dinner (we were at the in-laws). I made myself an English muffin topped with a boca, lettuce, onion, and avocado with some raw broccoli and cauliflower on the side.

Second dinner (76 cal): at the Daily Grill I just ordered a dinner salad and used barely a tablespoon of ranch dressing. I also had a couple un-pictured strawberries.

Calories in/ calories out: 1808/~2400


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