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The running bug

It has been quite some time since I had the running bug, but I have it big time this week.  Perhaps it’s the weather, the early dawns or the fact that I’m not hurting right now.  The thing that sucks though is that I can’t run everyday – it’s just not good for me. :-/  *waiting impatiently until Friday*

My run with the boy this morning was longer than usual.  Our 10K is at the end of the month so I figured it would be a good time to start running the course.  We ran (or jogged/walked as it were) about 4.5 miles of it this morning.  My Polar is set up to do intervals – 4 min @ 9:45-11:00 pace and then 1 min @ 11:00-17:00 pace.  The watch beeps at us frequently because we keep going faster than 9:45.  😳 On Friday I’m going to, get this, increase my pace by 15 seconds! Crazy, I know.  hehe I was thinking about doing 30 seconds, but I’d rather play it safe.  Over the next couple weeks I’m going to try to work towards getting back to my normal pace.

Breakfast (413 cal): Choco Overload Oats – my bowl included: 1/2 C oats, 1 T flax meal, 1 T unsweetened cocoa, 1 very ripe banana, topped with 1/4 C chocolate soy milk, 1/2 chocolate vitamuffin and a little under 1 T peanut butter.  It was loverly.

Mid-morning Snack (183 cal): Ummm yeah – Chobani w/ fruit munchies and a few slivered almonds.

Lunch (521 cal): By a great stroke of luck the boy and I were able to get together for lunch.  We went to Olive Garden and I got a bowl of Minestrone and the Linguine alla Marinara (with whole wheat noodles) and a side of steamed broccoli. The pasta is supposed to be 310 calories, but it looked a little heavy on the pasta for that to be possible so I left about 1/4 of it.  Of course I had to indulge in the Andes Mints. 


Mid-Afternoon Snack (192 cal): That lunch kept me full for quite some time and I don’t think I really even needed this snack at 4pm, but I didn’t want to be starving while cooking dinner.  I had a little fruit and veggie plate with cottage cheese.



Dinner (328 cal): Second try at General Tso’s Tofu – this time served over barley.  I used fresh garlic and ginger this time and it was indeed better.  The boy got to try it for the first time and liked it as well.  We are thinking of different things to try the sauce with.  We may give seitan or tempeh a try next time.


After-dinner Snack (109): We walked to Starbucks and I got a grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte, but it wasn’t great so I only drank about 1/4 (Zoey is in the background).  When we got home I had a mix of munchies and crunchies (GoLean).

Calories in/Calories out: 1745/2546 (edited 5/14)


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