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Star Trek

Whew it’s late.  The boy and I just got home from Star Trek.  It was really good – I highly recommend it, and I’m not that huge of a fan. I thought it was cast so perfectly.  And, if you’re a fan of Sylar, he does a particularly good job playing Spock.

Breakfast (389 cal): I was so in the mood for a huge bowl of cereal this morning.  My bowl contained: puffed kamut, puffed corn, shredded wheat, Kashi GoLean, 1/2 scoop Biggest Loser protein, soy milk and topped with blueberries.

Mid-morning Snack (291 cal): Blueberry Oat bran – oat bran, blueberries, 1/2 scoop BL protein, topped with more blueberries and almonds.

Lunch (518 cal): We went over to the in-laws to have lunch and celebrate mother’s day.  MIL decided that she would like to carry-in from this Vietnamese restaurant called Four Sisters.  The boy and I decided to split a couple dishes so we ordered the lotus root salad and a mixed vegetable soup.  Unfortunately, FIL also ordered a soup and they packed the broth separately from the veggies so there were two broth containers and no one could distinguish between them so I had my soup sans broth. hehe  The boy didn’t like the food and I was still hungry so we ended up stopping by Noodles and Co. on the way home.  I got a small Bangkok Curry. 

Dinner (450 cal): We left the in-laws so early so we could walk to Reston Town Center to get dinner/Ice Berry and catch the new Star Trek movie.  Dinner was at Cosi.  I got the Duo, fire roasted veggie sandwich and signature salad (sans Gorgonzola).  At Ice Berry I got a small strawberry with mango and kiwi. So yummy!

Calories in/Calories out: 1647/2166 (edited 5/14)


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