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Weigh-in: -1.6

WOOT! GoWear Fit is rocking!  I call it the missing link.  🙂 The boy had great results to0, -3.2 this week for a total of 112.2. 

The WW meeting was ok.  The discussion was on carbs and whether they were good or bad.  It seemed that most people were very well informed about the difference between simple and complex carbs, but there were some uninformed individuals out there.  I thought it was interesting that the main reason people believed that these complex carbs were good is because of their fiber content, which is ONE great aspect of complex carbs, but they have so much more to offer. In relation to simple carbs, they tend to be lower in calories, more slowly digested, since they are broken down more slowly they don’t cause spikes in blood sugar, and they usually come with much more nutritional value.  The best part, however, is always the celebrations.  We had a lot of 5 pound stars (me and the boy included), a 10%, 3 25lb (me included), and one lady got to lifetime.  I love being able to clap and cheer on the person who just lost their first 5 as well as those who have lost much more. Just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It has been one busy day…

img_0745Breakfast (412 cal): I received my Barney Butter samples in the mail yesterday – thank you to Heather for spreading the word about the promotion.  

We stopped by Starbucks before the WW meeting and I got a Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte, a Perfect Oatmeal w/ dried fruit.  I topped my “perfect” oatmeal with 1/2 of the dried fruit and a packet of Barney Butter. The Barney Butter was just ok – perhaps in better oatmeal it would have been better haha.  It was certainly more like peanut butter than any almond butter I’ve ever had, which I don’t mind, I love peanut butter.  My big complaint is the addition of palm oil and sugar.  I prefer just ground nuts and salt myself.

Mid-morning Snack (170 cal): We walked home and I got some cleaning in, ruining my black hoodie in the process. Damn bleach. 😡  Then I whipped up an egg and cheese wrap with sliced up cucumber. My wrap was 1/2 a flat-out, Southwestern egg beaters, cabbot cheddar and a handful of spinach. So good.


Lunch (323 cal): We had to pick up my bike today, so we walked the boy’s bike down to the bike shop so we could bike to Reston Town Center, get some new running shoes and then bike home.  Once we got to the bike shop I decided that I better grab something to eat.  A repeat of yesterday’s lunch sounded good so we went to Fresh City, but this time I downsized my meal.  I got a upick2 with half an Organic Hummus and Veggie Sandwich and a half Farmer’s Market Salad and one lone chip.  I also snagged some of the complementary, awesome cinnamon sugar pita chips for dessert. Afterwards we picked up my bike and headed to the town center.

Snacks (269): Of course, we couldn’t leave the town center without hitting up IceBerry.  I got a small original with strawberries and mango.


When we got home my blondies from Beth had arrived that I won in Erin’s bake sale.  I couldn’t wait to crack open the containers and sample a couple broken pieces and some crumbs.  YUM! So chocolately!



img_0768Dinner (561 cal): I thought this weekend was free and clear, but learned this morning that we actually had tickets to the 22nd annual night of comedy at WolfTrap with the in-laws.  Before we headed over we stopped at Wegmans and I grabbed a salad, some General Tso’s Tofu and some fruit  I paired it with a Great Harvest Bread Company spice muffin we picked up this morning. So good.  That muffin was carrots/walnut/raisin and was spicy (like spice cake).  mmmm I think I might have to make a habit of picking up on our way home from WW.

The show was good.  The first guy was meh, the second was better and the headliner Joey Vega was really good.  He had us laughing pretty hard.  After the show the inlaws wanted to hit up DQ.  I got the healthiest thing they offer. 😀 As fudge bars go, this one was not at the top of my list, but it was a nice sweet treat that didn’t put me over my calorie goal by too much.

Calories In/Calories Out: 1753/~2350


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