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We got up early this morning and headed to the community center for our 10K.  When I ran this last year my time was 1:10:34, but it was the first time I had ever ran 6 miles.  This year my goal was to finish in under 1 hour.  The boy and I lined up near the middle of the pack and once the gun went off we wished each other good luck and he took off.  I started up a nice jog and many people were passing me, which is just fine by me – I love being near the back of the pack. I had to keep reminding myself “slow and steady” because I am a little competitive. Anyhow I kept a nice pace around 9:30 the whole race, except for the downhills, where I “let the hill carry me down.”  The last stretch was a climb until the last .2 miles…  I LOVE to sprint to the finish… I picked up the pace as I passed the mile 6 sign, but had to slow a bit… until I saw the finish line that it, then I saw the clock – 59:something and I went all out. I finished in under an hour clock time! According to my watch I finished the race in 58:21:2. 

Race Stats:

  • Max Pace: 6:43
  • Avg Pace: 9:20
  • Max HR: 191
  • Avg HR: 169

It was also the best weather I have ever experienced for the Herndon Festival 5k/10K in the 5 years I’ve been running it. The boy’s parents my us afterwards and gave us these sweet little silver dollar metals. I’ll post the picture once the boy’s mom sends it to me.  After changing clothes and stuff we made our way to IHOP with them.

Breakfast (630 cal): Like last Sunday, I ordered a eggbeaters veggie omelet (no tomato, hollandaise sauce, cheese) with the harvest nut and grain pancakes topped with SF syrup and banana.


Lunch (486 cal): We took a nice long nap and then I finished the rest of my IHOP meal with peanut butter on the pancake and a side of watermelon.


Afternoon Snacks (390 cal): As we were getting ready to head down to the Herndon Festival to go get the fried confectioneries we scoped out yesterday the boy was emptying the washing machine.  After he took everything out he reached back in and says “hey look what else is in here”… MY RING!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, BEST DAY EVER.  I am just so happy.  My ring is “just” a band, nothing flashy, but I love it so.

Anyhow, on to the yummies… I would also like to state that I have never before had these items AND the boy and I shared each. 😉

Fried Oreo…


Heaven…. my portion was already in my tummy. 😉 BTW, 5 of these came in a serving and they wouldn’t just give me one and charge my full price, I was able to give two of the others away, but I had to throw the other two out.  I seriously could have eaten all five.


Fried Snickers…


This was very sweet, but everything good about a melty snickers bar.


I also had some of an un-pictured Mango/Papaya smoothie and then we stopped my McDonalds.  I’ve heard so much about their new coffee drinks that I had to try one – iced nonfat coffee with sugar-free vanilla syrup. I think I’ll stick with Starbucks!


Dinner (360 cal): Dinner was back to my normal nice and wholesome eats ;). Roasted cauliflower and butternut and tofu hash.


Late Snack (102 cal): Later I had the rest of the watermelon!


Calories in/Calories out: 1986/~2800


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Cookology – May 30th

We had so much fun at Cookology the other day that we just had to go back Saturday night.  The class was part of their Healthy in 2009 series. The chef was very upbeat and entertaining, just like the pastry chef that taught the baking class.  We didn’t get to personally make everything in this one though – the chef grilled the asparagus and made the polenta because we were running way behind.  This class was also larger with about 15 people. Still the boy and I had so much fun making and eating everything.

Fried Artichokes w/Lemon Aioli
Pan Seared Polenta Cakes w/Tomato Ragu
Sun Dried Tomato and Garbanzo Topped Crostini
Grilled Parmesan Asparagus

The set-up:


Everything cut and the artichokes breaded.


YUM! Clockwise: Lemon aioli (we actually made the mayonnaise by whisking oil slowly into egg yolks); grilled asparagus with parm; crostini topped with tomato ragu (the polenta wasn’t ready); crostini topped with a sun-dried tomato-chickpea mixture; and lastly the fried artichokes.

My favorite thing by far was the sun-dried tomato-chickpea mixture.  It was chickpeas, sun-dried tomato, parmesan, pureed with sautéed red pepper, onion, garlic, rosemary. I’ll post the recipe once I get it, it was just awesome.


This is more of the tomato ragu, but on the polenta cakes.


We’ll be going back for another class in June – can’t wait!!!

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Lost but not found

I lost my wedding ring this morning. 😦 We searched and searched the paths we walked, but nope. 

Breakfast (365 cal): I made a little wrap to take with me to the WW meeting.  The boy wasn’t going to weigh-in today, because he was working until 3am, I was starving and we saw the doggie expo was going on up at the community center.  So anyway, we walked a little way, but decided to come back home instead.  My wrap was egg whites with spinach and cabot, I paired it with watermelon. And because I needed some healthy fats I had a peanut butter stuffed date. 😀

Lunch (312 cal): After we got back from the doggie expo I had an early lunch, which was quick and easy – two veggie dogs on bread, watermelon and carrots. It was about this time that I noticed my wedding ring was missing.  So, after lunch we went and retraced our steps, but didn’t find anything. 

Dinner (389 cal): My dinner was also quick and easy – egg white scramble with broccoli, onions and FF cheddar. On the side I had two pieces of toast and an apple with peanut butter.

Off to Cookology….. will update on that and my 10k tomorrow.

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Seitan Worshiper

Just for the record, after I posted last night I grabbed this container of blackberries at the store and gobbled them down. (73 cal)

Have I mentioned that seitan is by far my favorite vegetarian protein source ?  It is just so lovely.  Meaty and savory with a nice bite. Another plus is that it is really high in protein and low in calories.  I hope to make my own some day here soon, but until then White Wave it is.  Do you like seitan? Have you ever tried it? Also on the food front, while yesterday I couldn’t get enough food, today has been the opposite, I have been satisfied with every meal.  So strange.  I was commenting to the boy this morning that it is really weird that I get SO hungry on lifting days and not so much on running days (except for long run days).  How about you?

The boy and I went out for a nice easy run this morning.  It was foggy with what seemed like 90% humidity (love D.C. in the Summer).  We ran almost 5 miles of the 10K course we will be running on Sunday.  It is the boy’s first 10K, I’m sure he will do wonderfully.  He was telling me that he’d like to finish around 45 min, which I’m like that’s too fast.  It’s hard for me to remember that he holds back a lot to run with me.  I think he will end up finishing around 50 minutes though. The one thing that sucks is that we won’t be running it together – it will be so lonely!

Breakfast (298 cal): Egg whites/spinach/cabot on toast with cucumbers and watermelon on the side. 

Mid-morning Snack (256 cal): An Oikos with cinnamon and half a PB and banana sammie. I really do need to make sure my meals are balanced like this one – protein (yogurt), fat (PB), carbs (banana), and whole grains (bread – yes, I realize bread is a carb).  When I don’t have that combo I tend to get hungry very soon after the meal.

Lunch (438 cal): Ever have those meals where even an hour later you are like “that was so good”?  That is exactly how I felt about this open faced seitan melt. Words cannot do it justice.  On the side I had watermelon and a salad with greens, cucumber, onion, red pepper, sunflower seeds and Lighthouse Blueberry Pomegranate dressing (favorite!).

Snack (254 cal): My snack was a nice bowl of cereal – puffed kamut, almonds, 1/2 scoop protein, banana and soy milk.

Dinner (469 cal): So I had a little left over seitan, red pepper and onion….. quesadilla time!  I sauteed those up with Mrs Dash Extra Spicy and cumin.  I put a thin layer of cabot on a flatout and stuffed it with the seitan and veggies and grilled it. I really have no concept of the amount of stuffing to make – I ALWAYS make WAY too much… I mean, I make it fit, but sometimes it ain’t pretty. 😉  I cut the quesadilla into wedges and served it with a little TJs chili corn salsa, broccoli and watermelon. Perfect – much the same way I felt about lunch.

Calories in/ Calories out: 1714/~2350

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Kung Pao

Not much of interest today.  I got up and went to the gym – YAY! Otherwise it’s been a pretty boring day.

Breakfast (311 cal): Egg white/spinach/cabot on toast with two cucumber wedges and half a banana +PB on the side.

Morning Snack (455 cal): Oikos with cinnamon and a big plate of watermelon. Watermelon is so good. Seriously. Oh, and I’ve been super hungry today so I also had a 100 calorie pack of walnuts and almonds. And then a container of Cheerios.

Lunch (448 cal): I was trying to have a lighter luch do to the huge snack, not sure it helped.  Salad contains romaine/greens, broccoli, cauliflower, green pepper, celery, onion, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, Quorn cutlet, and FF Italian dressing.  I also had an apple as I walked out the door.

Snack (175 cal): Let’s just say its a good thing I have depleted my snack drawer at work now, otherwise this would have been a VERY bad calorie day. I blame it on PMS. My snack was a bowl of AMy’s Chunky Vegetable Soup with about 1/2 a serving of MorningStar Crumbles.

Dinner (391 cal): Kung Pao IMG_0783over bulgur for dinner tonight. I have been having a lot of fun trying to make Chinese sauces – corn starch is an amazing thing. My kung Pao Sauce contained:

  • 1 T lite soy sauce
  • 1 t garlic chili sauce
  • 1/2 T sherry
  • 1/2 T rice vinegar
  • 1 packet splenda (or 1/2 t sugar)
  • 1/8 C broth
  • 1/2 t cornstarch

Very tasty dish.  I like this much better than the General Tso’s I’ve made recently. 

Calories in/Calories out: 1780/~2100

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Just a warning that this will be a really long post. 😉  The boy and I went to Cookology last night at Dulles Town Center for a bread workshop.  We had a great time!  First we made a French Baguette and then Chocolate Cherry English Scones or Blueberry English Scones.

The set-up:

Wet and dry for baguette:

My dough ball:


While baguette was proofing we started the scones:

Blueberries have been folded in to the scones:

Scones in the oven:

Back to the baguette, first proof complete (if you poke it and it doesn’t pop back up the proof is done):

Loaves (mine is on the left, Adam’s on the right):

Scones done 🙂 Blueberry.  I had about 2/3 of one of these (~110 cal):

Adam’s chocolate cherry.  I had about 1/3 of one of these (~102 cal):


Piece of baguette – warm and chewy on the inside, nice and crusty on the outside (~115 cal):

Our loot – dough for baguettes and scones; cooked scones and baguettes:


We got up early this morning and went out for a nice sustained 30 minute run.


Breakfast (420 cal): Chocolate cherry oats topped with a little peanut butter, and a glass of chocolate soy milk w/ protein on the side.

Lunch (444 cal): Not sure why, but a nice bowl of cereal was calling me this afternoon.  My bowl included: puffed kamut, fiber one, Total, banana, almonds, 1/2 scoop designer whey, and a cup of soy milk. 

Afternoon Snacks (336 cal): First I had a english muffin melt of spinach and cabot with carrots on the side.  Next I had some watermelon.  I have A LOT of watermelon left. hehe

Dinner (398 cal): First I had a beautiful salad: greens, cucumbers, onion, carrots, strawberries, avocado and FF poppyseed dressing and some not so beautiful soy dogs on bread with ketchup.

Dessert (255 cal): I baked the rest of the scones this evening and set one of the chocolate cherry ones out for me – the rest are going to the boy’s office. 😉  I paired mine with a little chocolate froyo. So good.

Calories in/Calories out: 1854/~2370

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Apparently I liked not exercising so much yesterday morning I decided to do it again this morning :shock:.  I was super tired and the boy came in and asked me if I was going to get up and I told him to go to the gym without me and I would just do a video at home. Yeah, not so much. 🙂  When I got up I was hungry so I got started on breakfast right away.

Breakfast (381 cal): I whipped up a batch of chocolate (protein) covered strawberry oats topped with a little peanut butter.  Pictured is the second bowl – the first over flowed in the microwave. 😡

Mid-morning Snack (139 cal): Oikos + cinnamon and strawberries.  Man these strawberries are so sweet and juicy.  I picked up two containers. YUM!

Lunch (415 cal): Cold + rainy = soup.  I picked up an American Vegetable Bounty soup from the deli and added some spinach and kidney beans to it.  I paired it with a Boca on an english muffin topped with lettuce, onion, cabot cheddar and avocado.

Afternoon Snack(s) (254 cal): My first snack was crackers, cheese and carrots.  My second snack was the rest of my crackers and a mock mocha.

Dinner (417 cal): My dinner tonight was inspired by that Tofu Butternut Squash hash I made a few weeks ago (and I’ll be making again this week).  Egg white scramble with sweet potato, onion, spinach, jalapeno topped with cabot and avocado with some strawberries on the side.

We are off to Cookology for a Fundamentals of Baking Series – Creating Artisan Breads and Pastries class.  It should be fun.  It’s our first class and they have a vegetarian focused one on Saturday, so hopefully we like it!  I’ll have pictures and a review tomorrow.

Calories in/Calories out: 1606/~1900

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