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Weigh-in: -1.2

Great weigh-in this week.  I wasn’t expecting to lose anything and I lost 1.2!  Only 1.8 to go.

I woke up starving though so I made a pita sandwich filled with egg whites, FF cheddar and spinach.  Delish! (3) After our meeting Trader Joe’s came in with some samples.  I had this plate and ate everything except the soup (I had a couple spoons of the soup but didn’t care for it). (2) Next time I go to TJ’s I will certainly get the FF black bean dip – zero points for 1/4 cup! Also, the tiny white meringues are 1 calorie each and taste just like Lucky Charms marshmallows, which I can’t eat because of gelatin… so I might get these to add to cereal hehe.



Mid morning I had a chobani with cherries and fiber one before heading out to the gym. (3)

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then about 40 minutes of circuit training.  Whew I was dripping when I left after burning about 525 calories.  After I got home and showered I made up a quesadilla like I saw on Strong and Healthy’s blog. Yum! I had it with some veggies.  Then, for dessert, I had some faux chocolate ice cream with cool whip made with milk and a WW smoothie.  I was skeptical when a lady mentioned this in a meeting the other week… flavor wise it was good, but developed really big ice crystals…. I wouldn’t make it again. (6)


Mid afternoon I had a grille soy cheese with carrots and an apple.  I still think that Soya Kaas makes the best grilled cheese. (3)

For dinner we went over to the in-laws and ordered in from Lebnan Zaman. Like last week I had the mediterranean chicken salad with hummus instead of chicken. Still YUM! (7)

Then, when we were leaving, I thought that a McDonald’s ice cream cone sounded so good – and it was!  It totally hit the spot. (3) Ice Cream cones are the only thing I ever get from McDonalds, and I do so very rarely, but it was such a nice treat.

Daily Points: 28/20
WPA: 8/35
AP: 5


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Lost friends

I spent most of the day looking on-line for a long lost friend from my childhood. This is a lot more complicated when you can’t remember said friend’s last name. :-/ 

My day started out with a 4 mile run outside with the boy.  My IT band was noticeable pretty much from the start – not  enough that I needed to stop, but definitely there. I ended up burning over 500 calories, not bad at all! I’ll have to do some extra rolling this weekend. The boy and I are debating training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I’m just not sure if I want to train again.  The good thing is that I would have 8 months of prep since the race is at the end of October.  That should give me plenty of time to increase my milage and reduce the risk of injury.  The thing holding me back from saying yes the most is my IT band. :-/

Breakfast was egg whites with FF cheddar and asparagus on toast. (3)

Mid morning I had cinnamon banana oats (5)

For lunch I had barley/soycatash pilaf with a Boca bruschetta burger, asparagus and an apple. Very yummy, but not very filling. (5)

When I went home to walk the dogs I decided I would just have my chobani with cherries and fiber one then instead of taking it back to work with me. I also had a couple carrots. (3)

For dinner I sauteed a portabello mushroom with spinach, roasted red pepper and swiss cheese (I would have preferred provolone but we were out). I served it on a sandwich thin with raw broccoli and chive cream cheese for “dipping”. A little while later I had an apple and then a Kashi bar. (6)

Daily Points: 22/20
WPA: 32/35
AP: 28

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I had a very productive day at work. I’m trying to clear my plate of all the administrative stuff so that tomorrow I can focus on my new project – an Access database.  I swear this is the first time in over a year that I have been looking forward to doing anything at work.  I just hope that my boss won’t distract me too much ;).  So all day today I was doing this administrative work and an idea would pop into my head about the database and I would right it down and get back to what I was doing. It was a good feeling.

This morning I did my endurance workout and spent 60 minutes on the Octane elliptical.  I ended up burning about 600 calories.  

For breakfast I had an eggwhites, FF cheddar and spinach on toast. (3)

Mid morning I had chocolate banana oats. (4.5)


For lunch I had an old favorite – Taco Salad!  The salad was lettuce (of course), cucumber, a boca chili, FF cheddar and avocado.  On the side I had a toasted pita and an apple. Yum! (6)

Mid afternoon I had another yummy combo, which I’m not sure why I haven’t tried it before – raw broccoli with laughing cow cheese. Well actually it’s probably because I just started eating raw broccoli. 😉 In addition I had a string cheese and some pistachios. (3)


For dinner I made the barley/soycatash pilaf again – I just LOVE this combo. It doesn’t hurt that this was the best batch of barley I have made yet, the trick was soaking it over night I’m sure.  With this preparation it is almost like brown rice, but better.  I pared the pilaf with a quorn cutlet and grilled asparagus. My day wouldn’t be complete without a chobani so I had one with strawberries, cherries and fiber one for dessert. (8)



 Daily Points: 24.5/20
WPA:  30/35
AP: 23

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Just lovely

Today was just a really good day.  I woke up and only hit the snooze once! And then had the best workout in a long time at the gym.  I started out with 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill and then about 45 minutes of strength training.  I completed 3 turns of the free motion circuit.  I was dripping sweat by the end after burning over 500 calories.

Work was good, and I think I have a challenging new project to work on, so that’s a plus.

Not to mention it was a BEAUTIFUL day – bright blue skies, slight breeze and crisp.

For breakfast I had egg whites/spinach/MexiKaas on toast. (3)


Mid morning I had my cinnamon banana oats, I wish I had more time to enjoy them, but I had to run out to an appointment. (5)


For lunch I had a bowl of greek quinoa salad with broccoli and apples. I also had 2 carrots on the side… and then the other 3 I brought. (6)



Mid afternoon was a chobani with cherries and fiber one. I ❤ chobani. (3)


Dinner was a black bean chipotle garden burger with MexiKaas, spinach and avocado in a pita. On the side I had some greens with dried cherries and almonds with some flax oil and some pineapple for dessert. (8)

After dinner I had some beets and a string cheese (1)


Daily Points: 26/20
WPA: 25.5/35
AP: 17

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Death of an oatmeal

We went to the gym this morning, and as we pulled into the parking lot we noticed the building was dark and then we noticed the fire trucks.  We swung around the cul-de-sac and went back home.  I did the high intensity cardio on an old Biggest Loser tape.  It was a suprisingly good workout and I burned 240 calories in 20 minutes.

For breakfast I had egg whites/soy cheese on toast with some blueberries on the side. (3)


I was SO glad I brought my lunch with me to work today because the protein powder I added to my oatmeal made it inedible.  So instead I had this lovely greek quinoa salad with broccoli and cauliflower. (5)


Lunch was devine! I had a pita filled with lettuce, avocado and a black bean burger w/ MexiKaas.  On the side I had carrots and an apple (6)


Mid afternoon I had a chobani w/ flax oil, berries and fiber one. (4)


I tried a new marinade on my tofu tonight – though I wasn’t too fond of it.  I used pineapple, orange juice, orange zest, soy sauce and honey.  Problem is that the orange over powered all the other flavors.  I served it on top of a barley/soycatash pilaf with roasted cauliflower on the side. For dessert I had a gel snack with pineapple. (6)



Daily Points: 24/20
WPA: 19.5/35
AP: 12

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Outta Control

So I was having a little freak out today about my eating.  I was feeling very out of control and felt that if I didn’t count my points that I would eat more than I should so I decided to go back to counting points for the week.  I went back and calculated my points for the weekend and the interesting thing is either way – counting or not – I used the same amount of my WPA.  This means that I ate about the same points regardless of counting.  Regardless, I just felt that I needed a little bit more of a control mechanism right now.

I started off the day with 2 minute 4.5/6.0 intervals on the treadmill.  I had a 5 minute warmup and then went for 30 minutes.  It was a good workout and I burned 400 calories.

When I got home I had a scramble with egg whites, quinoa, spinach and red peppers. I also had a plum. (3)



Mid morning I had cinnamon banana oats. (5)


For lunch (hence the freak out) I had a bowl of quinoa w/ red lentil chili, some veggies, cottage cheese. And then I had a plum, and then a small bowl of cereal. (9)




My afternoon snack was strawberries and blueberries with cottage cheese. (2)


Dinner was a greek salad.  I was really wanting some hummus on top, but I didn’t have any. 😦  (4)


Later I had this yogurt with oreo crumbles.  I really only got this because actually didn’t have gelatin in it!  It was ok, but I prefer fruity yogurt. (2)


Daily Points: 25/20
WPA: 15.5/35
AP: 10

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Lazy day

I can’t say that I did much today.  We went got groceries and spent too much money.  I did clean, cut and bag most of the veggies tonight for the first time.  I hope this will cut down on prep time throughout the week.

For breakfast I had chocolate banana oats made with a WW chocolate smoothie.  On the side I had egg whites with bacUN bits.(*+1)


I had this sample of gruyere cheese while shopping (.5)


For lunch I got a huge salad from Wegmans.  Mixed greens/spinach topped with broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, onions, red pepper, grapes, olives, blueberries – pretty much everything!  I pared my salad with some red lentil chili and a string cheese. (* +1)




Mid afternoon I had some popcorn and a yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, flax oil, fiber one and a touch of ezekiel cereal. (*)



Dinner was a veggie burger, butternut squash fries an apple and plum. For dessert I tried out a skinny cow skinny dipper – mint.  (*+1)



Daily Points: 23.5
WPA: 10.5/35
AP: 6

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