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My first ten

So I was determined to get out of the house early last Sunday, but then I thought I had to eat. Eating of course upset my tummy, so I had to wait around a bit. While waiting, I charged the iPod and then I prepared my fuel belt (which sucks) and headed out around 8. I was really surprised that the fuel belt was so cooperative for the first two miles, and then it started. It climbs up and then twists and bounces. This of course requires constant adjusting. Irritating. So irritating in fact that by mile 5 I tossed it on the side of the road, vowing to come back and get it later. I just couldn’t imagine going another 5 with that thing!

For my intervals this time I did 1.4 mile runs followed by .3 mile walks. It went fairly well, but really, I was done by mile 8. I did finish though, with a great time of 1 hour 51 minutes and 13 seconds, which is 10 minute 54 second miles. Not to shabby for my first attempt.

This Sunday I attempt 10 again. My plan this time is to up my run portions to 2 miles each, and keep my walks at .3 each. And I’ll see about a different route. 🙂


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