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That is not why I’ve been silent. 🙂

But really, I have no good reason. I’ve been plugging along, meeting my mileage goals.

Last I wrote I was looking forward to my first 9 mile run. I did employ the walk breaks and honestly I could of went further – those walk breaks are really refreshing.

Looking forward I have my first 10 mile run this Sunday. This will be the first double digit run for me. I’m anxious, nervous, and excited. I will be trying for a .3 mile walk break for every 1.4 miles (my watch only goes down to tenths of a mile). Between now and the half I will be trying to stretch out the distance I run between walk breaks. Come race day I want to run the whole 13.1 miles.

Speaking of races. The Richmond Marathon includes 3 races: the marathon, half-marathon, and an 8k (a little under 5 miles). I asked the boy if he would be interested in doing the 8K while I do the half and he said he would. I am so proud of him! Right now he runs about 3 times a week for 3 miles, so about 9 miles a week. He has about 6 weeks to prepare, so it should be no problem at all.

I’m sure his first 8K experience will be better than mine. I walked my first 8K (I was convinced that running sucked, and was something I couldn’t do at that point), which was a couple years ago at the Rockville Twilight Festival. It POURED the entire time, I was wet, my feet pruned up and blistered. It was just horrible. I finished just under 70 minutes I believe – but I wasn’t last! 😀


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Getting back into a routine

I’m happy to report that I am getting back into my running routine. On Sunday I went out for a 7 mile run/walk. I felt so good running at the end that I decided I would go for another mile and make it 8. There were no problems during the run and very little evidence of swelling afterwards.

Monday was a rest day. Tuesday I headed out for a little over 3 miles, which included my .5 mile warm-up/cool down. All in all I ran steadily for 2.5 miles my time, of course sucked, but I ran. And best of all, it felt so good! Today I did a 3 mile “speed walk”. I have another 3 mile run planned for tomorrow, but I am really looking forward my long run on Sunday. I am scheduled for 9 miles. My plan is to walk for .25 miles for every 1 mile I run. I think this will help me keep good form throughout the run and therefore ward off any re-injury.

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Running, you complete me!

More and more it seems that the more time I take off running the more I feel like something is missing in my life. So these past two, almost three weeks, have left me feeling incomplete. Each day that I step outside to walk I warm up and then test the waters. Shortly after I start though a sharp pain in my achilles tendon tells me that it still is not right – still not healed, and so, defeated I resign myself to speed walking. Yes, arm pumping, hip swaying, speed walking. Which I admit can be as good of a workout as running, but it is not nearly as cool. Speedwalking is not sexy, it is not graceful and each time a car passes I know they look at me like WTF!? But yesterday I finally got a taste of running. Careful not to scare it way though I took things slow and only approached it breifly, but often. Out of my three mile gaunt I ran about a mile of it and loved every minute.

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