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On the road again…

I just couldn’t wait to get on the road again (oh you knew that was coming!).

Well it has been a tough week. There is a reason they call people who go to the gym all the time gym rats… and I do not like being a rat on a wheel. I like the cool breeze or even the hot mugginess of the outdoors. I could only muster up 2 days at the gym last week and spent the others riding my bike.

This week couldn’t come soon enough though! No more humming and squeaking machines for me… just the sound of my feet lightly hitting the pavement and my breath.

So today I ran 3 miles in 29:33. I was very conservative on the first half (16 min) as I was trying to gauge my knee. But all in all it was fine, I had a small twinge or tight feeling around mile one, but it went away quickly. I was really trying to make sure I was not running where the trail sloped, but instead near the middle. So I’m pleased to say the least.

I have reworked my training plan to give myself some ramp-up time (mostly 3 miles this week). And I’m now looking forward to the Richmond half marathon on Nov. 15th. Honestly, I think Richmond will be better for me. The temperature should be better at least and I have more time to train.


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So the doctor has officially sidelined me. 😦

So lets go back a couple of days…..

On Saturday I did a quick 4 mile run.

On Sunday I set out for my first 8 mile run. I was optimistic and really looking forward to it. After about a mile a sharp pain started at the inner part of my knee. After a very short time I dropped out of my run and thought a little walking would help. It stopped hurting so I ran again – same thing. I thought – well maybe I didn’t warm up long enough, let me walk for a while. When I started running again the pain started again. So I limped back home, defeated and depressed. Well not totally defeated, I figured I would go get a knee brace and try again on Monday.

Monday morning – 5 am…. Started out on the run again, knee braced. Same deal and after a mile or so I turned back. *SIGH*

Monday afternoon – visited the Dr. She doesn’t think there is anything structurally wrong, and doesn’t think it is anything serious like a meniscus tear. So that is good news. But basically she said I need to take lots of advil, ice, and no running (or anything else that causes pain there) for a week.

So this effectively puts me out of the Baltimore half – I just won’t be able to get my mileage up where it needs to be by then. Richmond is having a half in November that I will do instead. That will get me a little more wiggle room in training as well.

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I haven’t ran outside to music in over a year. I’m not really a “music” person and I typically like to hear the faint sounds of my feet hitting the ground as I run. I like to be aware of my surroundings and music kind of impairs that. Lately though, I have been having a hard time with running increased distances – not because of my body, but because of my mind. I guess you could say I get bored. I fixate on how tired I am, how hot it is, how much further, etc. Being that a 5 mile run was scheduled for today I dragged out my iPod and charged it up last night, with 2 new songs (Apologize and Stop and Stare by One Republic).

I have to say it was nice. It was just that little bit of entertainment I needed to work through the thoughts. Honestly, the thoughts were minimal. The best part was that I was able to complete my 5.1 mile run in 49:18 (YAY!). I would love to be able to do 9:something minute miles all the time. So we’ll see if the music helps on my 8 mile (EEK) run on Sunday as well.

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I woke up this morning to my hip hurting again so, I am starting to rethink my training plan. I’m thinking that maybe it is too much of an increase in my milage too fast. So I am going to eliminate running from Wednesdays. Mondays will continue to be my actual rest day, while Wednesday and Friday will be used for crosstraining. I think this will be much easier on the body. 🙂

Went for a 3 mile walk with the boy this morning. It was nice and cool with very good company.

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My new wheels

I hope none of you actually thought I was going to hit the gym last night. This is why I exercise in the morning – inevitably I will not go after work. I did, however, go pick up my new shoes. I tried on two other pairs, but ended up getting the model I currently have. I get my shoes at Potomac River Running and when I first got them they put me on a treadmill and watched my feet as I ran. I believe I have an underpronation (my feet roll outward). So they picked out shoes that would help correct this imbalance. They are nice shoes. It’s funny, when I tried on the other shoes last night they felt ok, but when I slipped on the ones I am used to they just felt like home – very comfy.

So I took them out for a four mile spin this morning. Finished in 38:01 – not too shabby. I’m going to have to play with the laces again, but all in all they felt good. Oh everything just felt better today.

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Oh Rest Day how I love you!

Today is a rest day. My lower body hurts – mostly hips but a little in my knees as well. After I hit the gym for some upper body weights I think I will go get some new shoes. Hopefully that will help with the little pains I keep experiencing. I think I started using these shoes in January, so they are probably well overdue.

Saturday – did a QUICK 3 mile interval run. Finished in 27:56 I was very happy with that.

Sunday – Nice morning, very breezy. My long run was 7 miles again this week. I felt pretty good while running. I thought I was way too conservative the first half, but I actually finished pretty well 1:11:20 – nearly 5 minutes faster than last week. After running my hips hurt, back is a little sore, left knee is a little weird as well. I think I need to make sure I take my rest days on the specified days and not try to rework the plan. I ran 4 days in a row and I think that was just a bit much.

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It’s nice to be back home, back on my familiar routes.

I ran 4 miles this morning. It was nice and cool and I just felt really good. Finished in 36:56 – very fast for me.

So I was thinking while I ran about how different it is here from Boston. You would assume from the Cheers song that people from Boston are friendly and welcoming. Well if they are they certainly don’t show it. I logged about 14 miles up there and only one person said hi – most avoided eye contact all together. So back on the trail this morning about 1/2 of the people wave, say hi, or just give a nod.

It is always nice to see these people I see every morning. It was even nicer to see my old bootcamp buddies and encourage them and have them encourage me. It was a nice morning.

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