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3 mile 3-1-1 Interval

Ran 3 miles this morning.

3 minutes at 70-80%, 1 minute at 80-90%, 1 minute at 50-60%. Cycled through that about 6 times. Finished a little slow at 29:32. These intervals are still just kicking my butt, but it’s the only way I’m going to gain speed.


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I had always looked at people who chose to run for long distances as crazy… and I believe I am becoming one of THOSE people!

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for the Baltimore Marathon… and I ACTUALLY thought “hmm, that might be fun” – WHAT!?! When did this happen? When did I (someone who never ran a mile until 2 years ago) decide that running 26 miles would be fun?

So anyway, I apparently am not THAT crazy as I did come the the realization that training for a half is much more practical given the timeframe.

So off I go…race day is October 11th.

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